Frailin’ or Clawhammer is a style of banjo play

Smithsonian Folksways Banjo Builder Series

And the moment really is timeless!  Here's a picture from about 1907 of my grandfather Will Sherman Weaver (holding the bowl-back mandolin, on the right) and my great-uncle Cliff Slife as young men, enjoying the music of the day.  Note: Cliff is holding a 5-string banjo. It's in the blood! 


The Joy

of Banjo

Howdy hi, folks.  My name is Craig Evans.  I'm a frailin' (clawhammer) banjo player. Through the banjo, I rediscovered the wonderful world of old- timey and bluegrass music at the age of 48.

Where most of us heard many of these timeless tunes in our youth, few really knew what we were listening to. Aside from feeling like dancing to the joyful melodies, even fewer of us really appreciated the history of this incredible genre. The good news is, it's never too late!

Through this music, I've had the good fortune of making new friends, rediscovering my youth... and experiencing incredible joy. I'm dedicating this site to helping others come to appreciate the gift of old-timey sounds and the joy of the banjo!

Young or old, traditional music is about sharing timeless moments... across lives, across years.  Sometimes folks like to keep things as they are.  Other times, improvisation or evolution is called for. It doesn't really matter if you're inclined one way or the other. As you're playing, it's hard NOT to enjoy the moment.

So here's my son Seth and me, almost 100 years later, assuming similar positions.

When you’re playing old timey music, it’s really hard NOT to feel good. :)

I first built this site in 2002 to document my journey with the banjo and old- timey music. There are some great resources here as well as links and advice.

Stay a while... listen to some tunes. And enjoy the joy of the Banjo.

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers.  For thereby some have entertained angels, unawares."

Hebrews 13:2

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