Autism Hangout Closes Shop


Please always remember, "thriving with autism" is an outcome we can all embrace. 

Thank you for letting me be a part of our amazing autism community for 6 wonderful years!!


Craig Evans
Founder - Autism Hangout (dotcom)

I'm afraid it's true.  It's not that Autism Hangout isn't being used...quite the contrary!  Every week, thousands of folks come in and browse thorough the over 500 videos now in place.  Most agree, "thriving with autism" is where we need to be putting our collective energies.  But funding the site has always been an issue.  And I'm now to a point that I can't continue to keep the lights on.  My sincerest apologies.

I want to thank all 3,200 of you for being members and supporters of positive autism attitudes!  Together, I know we've made an impact!  It's been my honor and pleasure to provide a digital respite/safe zone for your thoughts and conversations.  I would hope that you would continue to carry this positive attitude-torch for years to come.  I would highly recommend Kathleen Tehrani's Autism Brainstorm as your future online home. 

In the meantime, Autism Hangout videos will continue to live on at youtube!  The "Ask Dr. Tony" Series, "Key Learnings of Autism Thought Leaders, Apps for Autism" and "Special Reports" will be available here for years to come.   It's interesting to note, our youtube channel also has over 2,500 members and the Autism Hangout video library has had over 555,000 views!!

Don’t forget to buy your copy of the Official “Aspie’s Guide to life on Earth.” :)

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And if someone would like to carry on what Autism Hangout (dotcom, dotorg, dotnet) started, the domains are for sale (from me).

Other autism-related domains for sale include:

  1. -Autism News Network (dotcom) -

  2. -Community Hangouts (dotcom) -

Write me to learn more.